work from paradise (or from home)

Want to work in the hive? We aren't hiring for any specific positions at the moment, but we are always looking for creative bees who are self-motivated, positive-thinkers, and enjoy dancing on the line between work and play.

If that sounds like YOU, send us a message and we'll get in touch for an interview!


describe yourself in 3 words.


what is your business super power?

how do you measure success?

can you list 3 ideas you have for nectar? they can be blog posts, products and services, social media improvements, etc.

how do you plan ahead to hit deadlines?

how long have you been following nectar on social media?

thank you!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a career in college prep. We are so excited to review your submission!

You'll be receiving an email in the next 48 hours confirming that your questionnaire has been received and requesting a copy of your resume. At that time, please feel free to share any additional application materials you would like to have considered such letters of recommendation, portfolios, or writing samples. Anything that paints a fuller picture of who you are and how you work is helpful to us when making hiring decisions.

If you don't receive an email and you're worried we might have missed your application, please follow up with and we will help you promptly!