About the nectar hub

Nectar is an online community for ambitious high school girls who are seeking a life-changing college experience. Designed with the busy teen in mind, Nectar operates differently from most college prep options.

Nectar is redefining the college application process by providing digital tools and candid guidance to the high school girl who wants to change the world. 

Our company is student centric and meticulously designed to give teenage girls confidence as they pursue a higher education. We put in the work to simplify the process for the well-rounded, busy bee. Say goodbye to college stress and say hello to Nectar!


Meet Brooklyn

I graduated from the University of San Diego Honors Program (go, Toreros!) and started my career working on higher education policy in California for a lot of really big education players, including the College Board. While I was sitting in on legislation hearings it became blatantly clear that there are still a lot of gaps in education equality, access, and resources— and one of those gaps is resources for teenage girls.

I also realized that I had the power to fill that gap, and that's when Nectar was born. I started creating some of the college prep resources that I wished were available to me when I was in high school and then I launched an online community to meet teens where they're at. And with that platform, I started a conversation.

That conversation grew into a blog, a series of e-courses, and a list of college resources that keeps growing by the day. Nectar is a student-centric company and we are redefining the college application process. We empower young women to achieve their higher education goals and encourage them to lift each other up in the process. We provide digital tools and candid guidance to the high school girl who wants to change the world. 

Founder & Queen Bee

Interviewer Resources

Why did you start Nectar?

 What was your college application experience like?

What was your experience with test prep as a high school student?

How did you struggle with perfection in high school?

What makes your teaching style so unique?

How did your experience lobbying for education policy influence your education style?

When did you realize that high school girls need confidence-boosting college prep?

What kind of mindset to young women need to get into their dream school?

What are the biggest mistakes that students make on college application essays?

How are your test prep programs different than others out there?

What are the top 3 things students should look for in a prospective college?

How did you choose your college?

What do you love most about your alma mater?

 How do you see the current state of education? 

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages to technology in education?



        Nectar helps young women find college experiences where they can grow without limitations, exceed society's expectations, and thrive! Our online community supports high school students going through the application process and our website provides them with the tools and candid guidance to get accepted. 
       Nectar was founded in 2018 by Brooklyn Dippo. Brooklyn graduated from the University of San Diego Honors Program with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a double-minor in Political Science and English. After working as a legislative analyst for education policy in California, Brooklyn grew tired of waiting for politicians to make changes, so she took the problems she saw facing high school girls and started building solutions.