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I'm the fearless, goal-chasing, study-loving, super nerd that you want on your team when you're preparing for and applying to college.

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But first, I want to make sure we're as perfect a match as nutella and a spoon!

You want to improve your test scores and  your test-taking confidence. College entrance exams are designed to make you second-guess yourself. That's why straight A students can struggle with these exams even though they've mastered the material. When I help students prep, I teach them to identify tricks on the exam and once they start spotting them, their confidence and scores go through the roof.

You like to laugh while you learn. Isn't it crazy how well you remember a good joke? That's why I mix humor and test prep in a way that my students never again forget the material. Bonus points: a good laugh really takes the stress out of studying for college entrance exams. 

You want to attend a college that you are head-over-heels in love with. Not because your parents went there, or your friends are going there, or because its a "name brand" school that you think will look good on your resume. You are serious about finding your perfect fit so that you can count on thriving through college and finding instant success upon graduation.

You are committed to putting in the work it takes to reach your goals. I work with a lot of busy students and I understand the stress that additional work can put on the already sleep-deprived teenager. That's why I commit to showing up prepared and motivated to work through as much work as possible during our sessions together. In exchange, I expect my students to prioritize their college goals by completing assigned work so we can stay on schedule.

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RE: Test Prep

Working with Brooklyn is something I will never forget! The session may have been over video chat but it felt just like we were together! She was understanding with my crazy schedule and helped me plan around it. Her teaching style is awesome: she uses whiteboards, does electronic interactions, and also gives me resources to use outside of the chats! Love her to death for helping me get through the SAT and bettering my score!

-Taylor B.

people say the sweetest things...

RE: College Essays

Working with Brooklyn has been so incredibly helpful throughout my college application process. Her positivity and encouraging feedback help me bring my essays to life so that I can be the best I can possibly be. I am so grateful for all of her help and truly appreciate what she is accomplishing with Nectar. 

-Ciela S.

people say the sweetest things...

RE: Test Prep

Brooklyn was the most helpful tutor I had and she made me feel so confident for my SAT! She's unbelievably smart, sweet, funny, and kind! At first I thought it wouldn't be helpful tutoring over video chat, but I was so wrong. I have taken multiple SAT prep courses but Brooklyn was by far the best. She especially helped me with math! I highly recommend her. Not only did she build up my confidence but she was so nice and talked to me like a friend!

-Caroline L.

people say the sweetest things...

RE: Test Prep

It was amazing to do college prep with Brooklyn because she made learning such a fun experience. It was easy to understand different concepts, techniques, and SAT strategies through her teaching. I always felt very comfortable learning in her SAT class!

-Hailey B.

people say the sweetest things...

RE: Test Prep

It was great having Brooklyn as an SAT tutor because she sat down with me and carefully explained each problem until I understood. Instead of telling me what to do like other tutors I've had, she guided me and allowed me to come up with an answer on my own. It challenged me and made me use my critical thinking skills, ultimately making me a better learner.

-Samantha C.

people say the sweetest things...

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