I graduated from the University of San Diego Honors Program (go, Toreros!) and started my career working on higher education policy in California for a lot of really big players, including the College Board. While I was sitting in on legislation hearings it became blatantly clear that there are still a lot of gaps in education equality, access, and resources— and one of those gaps is resources for teenage girls.

I also realized that I had the power to fill that gap, and that's when Nectar was born. I started creating some of the college prep resources that I wished were available to me when I was in high school and then I launched an online community to meet teens where they're at. And with that platform, I started a conversation.

That conversation grew into a blog, a series of e-courses, and a list of college resources that keeps growing by the day. Nectar is a student-centric company and we are redefining the college application process. We empower young women to achieve their higher education goals and encourage them to lift each other up in the process. We provide digital tools and candid guidance to the high school girl who wants to change the world. 

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Giving back

Your purchases make incredible things happen.

Each year, the profits from sales of Nectar products and services make an impact.
First and foremost, reinvestment into the community allows us to provide free students resources, scholarships for our programs, and internship opportunities for students across the country.
On top of that, we like to give a little extra each year to the teachers, students, and parents who inspire us with their commitment to improving education.


In 2018, we donated books to classrooms participating in the #projectLIT movement. Teachers in these classrooms have created little libraries where their students can check out new and relevant young adult novels. The students get to create online book donation wishlists and we fulfill them. Unlike most English classes where students have to read and write reports on ancient classics, the students in these classrooms get to choose their literature for projects, which gives them increased ownership of their learning. These types of classes produce such passionate readers that we often hear from teachers that they have a hard time keeping books on the shelves! 


The student leaders of March for Our Lives mobilized youth across the country and turned a tragedy into a movement for political change. From organizing marches and school walkouts to increasing youth voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, March for Our Lives has given students, including those who are not yet old enough to vote, a voice in our democracy. For that reason, we look forward to making financial contributions to the student activists in March for Our Lives in 2019.


We take the safety of our students and educators seriously and we recognize that the fear and anxiety students experience as a result of school shootings has a negative impact on learning. With her lobbying experience, Brooklyn knows the power of putting money behind a cause, so we gave a financial contribution to Everytown for Gun Safety in 2018. Everytown for Gun Safety is a national organization that includes Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Students Demand Action, and the Everytown Survivor Network.

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