Ready to check college applications off your to-do list?

I work with students who are hardworking, multi-passionate, and curious about the world. Together, we identify colleges that will foster their intellect and build the foundation for a lifetime of success.

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I see you walking into class with that triple-shot iced latte, ready to overachieve.

You've been checking all the boxes for college and you're almost there!

College applications are the last thing standing between you and your biggest ambitions.
You were so eager to get ahead, in fact, that you sat down to get started, only to realize you didn't know where to start. There's no clear rubric for completing your college applications, and for a student who thrives on clear directions, the vague admissions process is stressing you out.

If you're looking for a little more guidance than, "Just be yourself," 


My college counseling process is holistic, introspective, and straightforward. With clear directions and guided assignments, you'll always know what to do next so you can complete your applications with confidence and without stress.

What I do...

I run on saltwater, good books, coffee, and snack-breaks.
I’m passionate about transforming the college application process from a stressful necessity to a defining milestone and I’m genuinely inspired by the amazing young students I get to work with every day.

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Success Stories


"Not only did she get into her top three choices, she was also awarded two scholarships that totaled half of her tuition for 4 years."

- Tesa, Mom of Ciela


Ready SetBook.

If you're ready to take your college applications from just-getting-started to ready-to-hit-submit, let's chat.

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I feel so much more confident. I feel like I can write better. I feel like I can live life better. 

Working with Brooklyn is like having an older, much wiser friend who helps you write these amazing essays and feel so much more confident about the entire application process. I definitely look up to her a lot because I could not have gone through all of the stuff that needs to be done for colleges without her .

- Ashley C. 
University of Chicago

Amazing grads:

I felt so supported through the whole process. From day one I knew that I had made the right choice about who to work with. 

- Ella B.

Obviously there are times through the whole process when I would get frustrated or feel burnt out, but I could always reach out to Brooklyn if I needed anything and she would help me through which I am so grateful for. I am very proud of the work which we created together, and we're already seeing amazing results with hearing back from colleges! I really couldn't have done it without her.

She listened to my story and helped me to craft a great personal statement that I believe perfectly encapsulates who I am.

Working with Brooklyn on college essays was a unique experience. I always knew what to write my college essay about, but it was very personal, and I didn't know how to write it all in 650 words. 

- Hafsa A.
Questbridge Finalist
UT Dallas

She gave me endless feedback and support during the process. I could not be more thrilled to work with her. Thanks again Brooklyn! 

I would always feel so proud and relieved after submitting applications because I knew that I put my all into them, and that Brooklyn helped me get them to the place they needed to be.

- Chitra M.

I always felt like I knew what to do after each meeting. Right before ending our calls, we would go over my to-do list regarding college applications, and this always clarified my work load as well as motivated me to start working as soon as possible. Overall, I always felt better after our calls, and I always ended up doing my work right after our sessions because her encouragement made the essays exciting to tackle rather than daunting. 

From my amazing graduates: