I see you walking into class with that triple-shot iced latte, ready to overachieve.

You've been checking all the boxes for college and you're almost there!

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Hey go Getter!

But behind that selfie-worthy smile, you're hiding a little bit of anxiety about the college application process...

It's time to close all those tabs about rankings, test scores, and admission stats and focus on what you can actually control:

Your College Application.

The modern college application is full of nuance, creativity, and opportunity.

The mundane form that your parents filled out for admission is no longer...

And if you learn how to utilize the application to it's full potential, it can be your golden ticket to acceptance.


What's your stand-out application strategy?

Find out how to turn your purpose and personality into admission-worthy college applications.

...you don't want to miss this.


Looking for the secret self-love sauce that will lead to your best ever college applications? It's all a part of my membership.

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"Not only did she get into her top three choices, she was also awarded two scholarships that totaled half of her tuition for 4 years."



I'm Brooklyn, your college matchmaker.

I run on saltwater, sunshine, and spicy Thai food!
I’m passionate about transforming the college application process from a stressful necessity to a celebratory milestone and I’m inspired by the amazing young women I get to work with every day.

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hey there!

and I'm handing out snorkels, flippers, and flotation devices over here!

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